Thursday, December 18, 2008

HOW TO: iPod Classic (6G) with Amarok 1.4 (Hardy Heron)

While most of these issues have been fixed in Intrepid, the iPod still remains problematic in Linux. This is a guide I have put together on the most effective way of using the black 80gb iPod Classic with Amarok 1.4 in Hardy Heron (although it could apply to any distribution).

NB: Going to start RIGHT at the begining, so I am assuming that you have ALL your music somewhere on your computer, and not just on your iPod.


Cleaning out your iPod
1. Connect the iPod.
2. It should appear in nautilus (if it does not, see below)
3. Browse to the iPod folder.
4. You should see the following folders: Calendars, Contacts, iPod_Control, Notes, Recordings.
5. Delete everything (NB: This erases you're iPod to factory settings erasing everything, including Music, Pictures, Videos, and Contacts)
6. Eject you're iPod.
7. Wait a bit and the apple logo should appear on the iPod
8. Select you're desired language.

If you're iPod did not automount do the following:

1. Create a folder in the media directory:
$sudo mkdir /media/iPod2

2. Check where the iPod is mounted:

$sudo fdisk -l
When you find the iPod (it should be FAT) make a note of what it says (e.g. /dev/sdf)

3. Type in the following

$sudo mount /dev/sdf /media/iPod2
(Where /dev/sdf/ is the location of the iPod from step 2).

Amarok and Libgpod3

For Hardy Heron and newer:

1. In a terminal:

$sudo apt-get install amarok
For Gutsy Gibbon and older:

1. First to install the latest libgpod, in a terminal enter the following:

$sudo -i

$cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.tmp

$echo deb hardy main restricted universe multiverse >> /etc/apt/sources.list

$apt-get update

$aptitude install libgpod3 libgpod-common

2. Installing amarok (NB: if you already had amarok this will overwrite everything!)
$aptitude install amarok
3. Removing the old libgpod
$aptitude remove libgpod
(this may prompt you to remove the ubuntu-desktop package, don't worry - it's only a meta-package)

4. Remove the newly added source

$rm /etc/apt/sources.list

$mv /etc/apt/sources.list.tmp /etc/apt/sources.list

$apt-get update

Setting up Amarok

1. Here I assume you know how to use amarok (i.e. adding music, doing your own customisations, etc).

2. After you have done all that connect up your iPod.

3. Go to devices and your iPod should appear here (you may have to click connect) - you will be asked to "Initialize your iPod", say OK"

4. Set your iPod model by going to iPod (just below main toolbar on top)>Set iPod Model>Classic>80gb or 160GB (black or silver).

5. Next go to collection and right click on whatever songs you want to transfer and select transfer to media device.

6. Next go back to device tab and select transfer (from the top).


1. Click on the gears next to where it says iPod, this should open up a dialog for mounting and post-disconnect commands.

2. Leave the mount command blank and put the following in the disconnect box:

eject -t -d %d
3. Click OK

4. WAIT for everything to complete (including on the bottom statusbar of Amarok which should say Flushing iPod Cache).

5. When everything seems to have stopped click on iPod>Update Artwork (this may take a while depending on the number of songs, but after it is done you will see Artwork updated on the bottom).

6. Click disconnect, it should say device successfully disconnected.

7. Now right-click on the iPod icon (either in nautilus or on the desktop, and select eject).

NB: All of this worked for me and my iPod is running fine with music AND videos.

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